Thursday, December 18, 2008

just finish having a at my's actually a christmas party but i just enjoy it since it have makan2 a lots of food cooked by my colleague..k.yus with her cake...shirley with tomyam fried noodle and blackpaper kaki ayam (don't know how to describe it but it's so delicious...yum yum....k.zana with fried rice and kari for me i just brought the keropok goreng cause i don't know how to cook..just know how to eat....hehehe.the best part about this party was the time for us to exchange the gift...i bought some mug in the cute container...(cute ????,,,,boleh larrr)...don't know who got it but i got 1 cute glass container from k.yus..or is it from mr Ding???.whatever larr..but i like the gift very much..already put my keropok goreng into it....hehehe...but today i must finished this one tender...sempoi my mood la...i not fully enjoy the party cause i have to rush to finished design for the tender or else i will unable to give the detail to contract dept.....but however i enjoy....

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Don’t really know how to start my blog…i’ve create this blog since year ago…hehehe..yet i don’t know how to start it…always wonder what other people put in their blog and what the purpose of all the post…..then yesterday i come across one of myfren blog…it really inspire me to create mine…it always occur to me whether i should write in English or just in bahasa…. hehehe…or maybe it just me myself taking this blogging thing seriously….and then i realize what i really should do is just write—write—write no matter in what language it is…as long as it will make me here i’m with my blog and surely with broken english because i’m not good at writing……so any grammatical mistake..just ignore..hehehehe…enjoy n cheers..